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The Portland Music Scene

July 10, 2016  •  3 Comments

Every weekend thousands of Portlanders descend upon our local clubs and venues. Every kind of socioeconomic category and genre is represented well here in one of the most vibrant urban spaces in all the US. One genre in particular has enjoyed a recent explosion in attendance, promotion, and events. The tribute band and rock/metal scene here is ripe with talent. With the likes of Appetite for Deception, Motorbreath, Maiden NW, and War Pigs to name a few, we are lucky to have a group of musicians that just have a deep love for what we have here. Original bands like Sintax, Chemical Rage, Splintered Throne, Perseverence, Agnozia, Die Robot and too many more to list here have been shows I have come out to see. I noticed many artists from original bands play in tribute bands, or many play in multiple tribute or original bands. 

The fans of the local bands are a good group of hard working people who like to come out and let go on the weekends. Some of the best people I have met in this city can be found at these shows regularly. When I grew up, metal was for the rebels, and the community saw us as nothing but trouble (Sometimes we were), but over the years I have seen those same people who rocked our socks off having everyday roles in the community. I have seen them raise money for wounded vets, abused animals, serving in our schools, impoverished community outreach, and the list goes on. 

The music brings people together in a way where the differences of economics and background seem to not matter as much as what we share. Who doesn't like to have a good time? To hang out with friends, and let loose a little bit? If you have not been out to see one of the shows, come check it out. As a photographer and working professional it has been the thing that brings a little fun even if everything else is going wrong that week. So, if you are one of those mentioned above, thanks for being awesome. If you are one who has not joined in the fun, come hang out and let's have a good time with music, food, fun, friends, and fellowship! We are all about it my friends :)


Chemical Rage(non-registered)
Thanks for your support of the local music scene in Portland. It's awesome to be able to play with so many talented musicians and the fans here are just amazing. Portland is alive and rocking,just about every night of the week you can find a good show to catch. Thanks again and RAGE THE DAY!!!!!!!!
Brad Becker(non-registered)
Thanks Brother!
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